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The Best Hotels in Tenerife

Unlock Tenerife's wonders with our hotel guide. From luxury at Ritz-Carlton to beach-front paradise at Jardines de Nivaria, you're sure to find something to make your trip special.

The Best Hotels in Tenerife

Table of Contents

Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, off West Africa, is the ultimate destination for sun-seekers. The weather is great all year round with temperatures of around 21C during the winter months making it a great winter sun destination. 

Choosing the right place to stay while visiting is vital to make sure you have the best possible experience so let's dive into our best-of list, exploring a diverse range of accommodations that ensure your Tenerife experience is nothing short of exceptional.

I. Best for luxury holidays

Ritz-Carlton Abama

Located on the cliffs of Guia de Isora, the Ritz-Carlton Abama offers a Michelin star restaurant, exclusive golf courses and stunning ocean views. With it’s colonial-inspired architecture, lush gardens and award winning spa this holiday will be more than a simple hotel stay it will be a luxurious relaxing retreat.

II. Best for boutique hotel lovers

Hotel San Roque

For those looking for a more intimate stay, this place seamlessly blends style and taste with a familiar atmosphere. The Hotel San Roque stands out for its beautifully restored 18th century building that include a swimming pool, a solarium and a beautiful restaurant, this place exudes historical charm. With only 20 rooms individually decorated and with character of their own it is the perfect choice for design lovers. 

III. Perfect for families 

GF Victoria

Travelling with the family can be stressful so staying at the right hotel is extra important in those cases. Tenerife offers some family-friendly options, our favourite is GF Victoria in Costa Adeje. This hotel offers family-oriented services and amenities including a mini water park, a kids club and a packed daytime and evening entertainment programme designed for all ages ensuring that both kids and adults have a good time and enjoy their holiday.

IV. Budget-Friendly Choices

Hotel Rural Victoria

Quality doesn't always come with a hefty price tag. Tenerife features budget-friendly options that provide comfort without breaking the bank. Hotel Rural Victoria, mixes comfort with affordability, making it the perfect choice for those seeking value for money. The location is great with restaurants and tourist attractions close by.

VI. Coastal Escapes

Jardines de Nivaria

If waking up to the sound of waves and breathtaking views sounds like the ideal morning this hotel is for you. Jardines de Nivaria, nestled along the coastline offer scenic retreats for those looking for coastal serenity.

This hotels provides an immersive experience with the natural beauty of Tenerife as your background. Besides the excellent service and heated pools you'll also have direct access to the beach.

VII. Best all-inclusive resorts

San Blas Nature Resort & Golf

For a hassle-free holiday, consider the convenience of all-inclusive resorts. Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf offers comprehensive packages, ensuring your every need is met without having to lift a finger.

This hotel makes the entire holiday experience seamless, allowing guests to focus on enjoyment and relaxation. There is a navigable lake, eight pools, a seafront restaurant, wellness centre and a range of sporting facilities so you will have plenty things to do while staying at San Blas.

VIII. Local and Historic Hotels

La Laguna Gran Hotel

Immerse yourself in Tenerife's rich culture by staying in a hotels that embrace local heritage. La Laguna Gran Hotel, located in the heart of the historic centre of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, offers a taste of traditional Canarian life, providing unique cultural experiences. This hotel allows guests to connect with the authentic essence of Tenerife, adding a historical and cultural dimension to their stay.


Tenerife's diverse hotel offerings cater to every traveller's taste and preference. Whether you seek luxury, cultural immersion, or a budget-friendly getaway, there is a hotel for you. So, choose wisely, and let the magic of Tenerife unfold before you as you embark on a journey filled with comfort, style, and exploration.

Hugo Cannon profile image Hugo Cannon
Hugo Cannon BSc is the founder & CEO of Velloy on a mission to build the #1 private travel club worldwide. He writes across travel, dining, product reviews & general lifestyle categories.