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European Summer - Ultimate Guide

Summer is here and it is finally time to enjoy the sun, go out and have a good time with your significant other, family or friends. This guide will help you have the best summer ever.

European Summer - Ultimate Guide

Table of Contents

Summer is here and if you are already dreaming about sunbathing in the most beautiful beaches, enjoying long lunches at the best beach clubs in the world and dancing to the sound of the best dj's this article is for you. We have put together a guide with all the information you will need from the best destinations to what outfits to pack and everything in between.


Europe is the place to be in the Summer but where should you go? This should be adjusted to what you want to do on your holiday. Here are our top picks:

St. Tropez

This is the perfect place for those who want tranquility and lunches that last the whole afternoon but also love a good party. Check out Casa Amor, Nikki beach, Loulou, Club 55 and Shellona. (we advise that you book the tables asap as they tend to sell out)


This has been the party destination for decades so if you are planning a friends trip this is the perfect choice. Some of the most prestigious clubs are located on the island such as DC-10, HI Ibiza, Ushuaia, Cova Santa and Pacha. During the day you can recover and relax on the beach or take a day trip to Formentera and enjoy a day at Beso beach, you now what they say: no hay verano sin beso. Visit Annie's for the coolest dresses.


This island is bigger than people imagine so renting a car is basically mandatory. That being said, Sardinia is a destination that works for families, friend groups or couples. Baja Sardinia is where most of our favorite beaches are located we assure you laying in the sun feels magical there. If you are in a mood to party go to Phi Beach for some amazing headliners (buy tickets in advance!)


Another party destination combined with some great shopping at Nammos Village. Stay in Old town if you are there for the beach clubs or further away if you prefer a calmer vibe. Scorpios is a mandatory stop so even if you don’t want to party you should still go there for lunch, dinner or even sunset drinks as they make some fanstasic coctails. Some of our other favorite spots on the island include SantAnna, Negrita (for a drink), Nammos, Principote and Zuma for dinner.


The perfect spot for a couple's trip or a family holiday. In our opinion one of the most underrated destinations in Greece, this island has everything from clear waters, to authentic greek restaurants with the best food and the cutest little streets. Spend a day in Anti Paros and grab lunch at Soros Beach.

Amalfi Coast

Straight out of a postcard, the Amalfi Coast is a beautiful destination for those looking for a romantic getaway. The views are beautiful, the restaurants have amazing service and the vibe is just out of a movie. Book your tables in advance as some of the most popular restaurants will be fully booked weeks in advance.


This spanish town is ideal for couples, families and for those who enjoy a nice dinner, drinks and party night. With some amazing hotels perfect to unwind and relax this is a fantastic summer destination. If you want to stay active enjoy some golfing or go for a tennis afternoon.

Tips & Tricks

  • You will be walking a lot if you really want to get to know the place you are visiting so be prepared for that;
  • Keep an eye out for pickpockets, these places are full of tourists so it is important to maintain your valuables safe;
  • Have cash on you always, most places will give you better prices if you pay cash;
  • Most of the party destinations will have a special guest list for girls to pay less entry at the club;
  • Some of the beaches are private and you need to pay for a sunbed to enjoy a day there so always check first;
  • Restaurants and beach clubs can be fully booked months in advance but you might get lucky if you do a walk in;
  • If a place requires you buy a bottle in order to get access to a beach club and you are not a big drinker/you want to save money go for a bottle of wine;
  • Save some space on you bag for things you might want to buy, these places have beautiful stores with the most unique pieces;
  • Schedule you taxis to and from restaurants and clubs if you can, this will save you a lot of headaches trying to find your way home;
  • Evaluate you options when renting a car, in Paros for example we found it better to rent quads over a car and the opposite in Mykonos;
  • If you are taking a ferry between 2 islands check the schedule and book your tickets in advance;

What to wear

For her

Keep it simple. Linen and cotton will keep you cool and elegant during the warm days so you can stroll around and explore. When it comes down to shoes go for breathable and comfortable over anything, trust us blisters are not worth the extra 5cm you get from wearing heels during the day.

If you are going to a beach club you can wear a bathing suit or bikini and then, when you move for lunch/party put on a fun cover up or a beach dress with some accessories.

For a nice dinner out you can go for a cute short/long dress and cute sandals or heals.

For him

As usual, men have it easier when it comes down to choosing outfits. Linen and cotton are the best options for all occasions.

Linen shirts and tshirts are perfect for beach clubs paired with loafers and a good pair of sunglasses.

For a night time drinks and dinner stick to a nice shirt and pants instead of a tshirt and you are good.

Suggestion of what to pack (week long trip)

For her

  • 4 dresses that can be dressed up or down
  • 2 linen pants
  • 1 skirt
  • 3 cute tops
  • 4 bikinis
  • 2 coverups
  • Pijamas
  • 1 pair of sandals
  • 1 pair of heels
  • 1 pair of summer loafers
  • Beach Bag
  • Going out bag
  • Accessories: necklaces, bracelets, earings, rings
  • Sunglasses
  • Chargers
  • Sunscreen
  • Make-up
  • Hygiene essentials

For him

  • 5 linen/cotton shirts
  • 4 tshirts
  • 4 linen/cotton pants
  • 2 pairs of loafers
  • 4 bathing suits
  • Pijamas
  • Sunglasses
  • Chargers
  • Sunscreen
  • Hygiene essentials


Summer in Europe is magical and we want to to help you make the most of it. With our help you can not only get the best rates but also free upgrades, complimentary breakfast and even hotel credit on your stays. Reach out to us and we will make sure you have the best summer of your life.

Hugo Cannon profile image Hugo Cannon
Hugo Cannon BSc is the founder & CEO of Velloy on a mission to build the #1 private travel club worldwide. He writes across travel, dining, product reviews & general lifestyle categories.