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How to Buy Wimbledon 2024 Tickets: Your Ultimate Guide

This comprehensive guide serves as your ultimate go-to resource for all things related to acquiring Wimbledon tickets, ensuring you don't miss out on the grandeur of the Championships - whether you're a devoted tennis fan or someone eager to soak in the magic of tennis world.

How to Buy Wimbledon 2024 Tickets: Your Ultimate Guide
Your ultimate guide to buying Wimbledon tickets presented by Velloy


This comprehensive guide serves as your ultimate go-to resource for all things related to acquiring Wimbledon tickets, ensuring you don't miss out on the grandeur of the Championships - whether you're a devoted tennis fan or someone eager to soak in the magic of tennis world.

1. Buy Wimbledon 2024 Ballot Tickets

Buy wimbledon tickets
Buy Wimbledon tickets

The public ballot remains a favored route for Wimbledon tickets. Entrants eagerly await the chance to win two "golden tickets" for the Championships. While the public ballot for 2024 has closed, hope persists through the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) ballot. Eligibility requires membership in one of their Advantage schemes, offering a chance to opt in when the LTA ballot opens.

2. Buy Wimbledon 2024 Queue Tickets

Buy Wimbledon tickets
Buy Wimbledon tickets

An authentically British tradition, the Wimbledon queue is iconic. Tennis enthusiasts camp overnight in Wimbledon Park, creating a vibrant pre-play atmosphere. A limited number of daily tickets for Centre Court, No.1 Court, and No.2 Court are available, along with grounds passes providing access to unreserved seating and standing on Courts No. 3 - 18.

3. Buy Wimbledon 2024 Ticket Resale Tickets

Buy wimbledon tickets
Buy Wimbledon tickets

The ticket resale option lets fans purchase tickets left by main show court attendees before play completion. Introduced in 2022 after COVID-19 restrictions, resale begins daily at 3 pm. It's a chance to witness show court competition at a fraction of the original cost.

4. Buy Wimbledon 2024 Tickets through a Hospitality Company

Buy Wimbledon tickets
Buy Wimbledon tickets

For a premium experience, consider hospitality packages from Velloy, the Official Hospitality Partner of The Championships. While 2024 packages are 90% sold out, Treehouse options may still be available, offering a premium-informal experience with excellent food, design, and service.

5. Buy Wimbledon 2024 Debenture Tickets

Buy Wimbledon tickets
Buy Wimbledon tickets

Invest in an exclusive Wimbledon experience with debentures. These tickets provide the right to buy a specific seat ticket for each day of the Championships for five years. Although current debenture series are running, future opportunities may arise through private arrangements or stockbrokers.

6. Buy Wimbledon 2024 Volunteer Tickets

For a unique experience, volunteer at Wimbledon 2024 through the LTA ballot. Successful volunteers may interact with tennis stars and even be rewarded with tickets. Local county Lawn Tennis Associations may also offer volunteering opportunities with potential ticket incentives.

7. Buy Wimbledon 2024 Professional Tennis Coach Tickets

Embark on a coaching career for ultimate access to Wimbledon. Coaches, part of a player's support team, enjoy "access all areas" throughout the tournament. While this requires extensive training and qualifications, it provides a rewarding, behind-the-scenes Wimbledon experience.

8. Buy Wimbledon Tickets through Overseas Public Ballots

If you're an international tennis enthusiast, several overseas public ballots provide a chance to secure Wimbledon tickets. Countries like the United States, Australia, and others often conduct their lotteries, allowing fans worldwide to participate in the anticipation of attending the prestigious Championships.

9. Buy Tickets from Secondary Ticket Markets

While the official channels remain the primary source, secondary ticket markets can be an option. However, caution is advised. Ensure the platform is reputable and guarantees the authenticity of the tickets. Purchasing from authorized resellers minimizes the risk of scams and ensures a legitimate entry to Wimbledon.

10. Buy Corporate Hospitality Packages for Wimbledon 2024

Apart from individual hospitality options, corporations can also secure exclusive Wimbledon experiences for clients and employees. Corporate hospitality packages offer perks like VIP access, private suites, and networking opportunities, making it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to impress and entertain clients.

11. Buy Official Travel Packages for Wimbledon 2024

For those traveling from abroad, official travel packages are available, combining tickets with accommodation and other amenities. These packages provide a hassle-free way to experience Wimbledon, allowing fans to focus on the tennis and the overall event atmosphere.

12. Participate in Social Media Contests to Win Wimbledon Tickets

Keep an eye on Wimbledon's official social media accounts and those of sponsors, as they often run contests and giveaways. These promotions provide fans with a chance to win coveted tickets by participating in various online activities, quizzes, or creative challenges.

13. Join Wimbledon Membership Programs for Exclusive Ticket Access

Consider joining Wimbledon membership programs offered by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. While regular membership doesn't guarantee direct access to tickets, it often includes exclusive perks, early access to certain events, and the opportunity to be part of the Wimbledon community.

14. Obtain Wimbledon Tickets through Charity Auctions

Wimbledon tickets are sometimes available through charity auctions. Keep an eye on charity events related to tennis or sports in general. Winning bids can provide an opportunity to not only attend Wimbledon but also contribute to a good cause.

15. Understand Wimbledon Tickets Prices and Categories Before Buying

Ticket prices vary based on factors such as the day of the week, the round of play, and the court. Centre Court tickets are generally the most sought after and expensive. Prices range from more affordable grounds passes to higher-tier debenture tickets, offering premium seating and exclusive access.

Conclusion: Secure Your Wimbledon Tickets With Strategic Approaches

Expanding your avenues to secure Wimbledon tickets involves exploring various channels. From participating in overseas public ballots to considering corporate hospitality, there are options catering to different preferences and circumstances. While the demand for Wimbledon tickets is high, a strategic approach, utilizing official channels and reputable sources, can enhance your chances of being part of the grandeur at SW19.

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Nic Rayce profile image Nic Rayce