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Best Restaurants in London: An Expert's Ultimate Guide

Discover the crème de la crème of London's dining scene, where each restaurant presents a unique story through its exquisite cuisine and ambience. Discover the best of the best, top Michelin picks, the best gastropubs & more.

The Best Restaurants in London: 2024 Guide
The Best Restaurants in London: 2024

Table of Contents

Welcome to the ultimate curated selection of London's Finest Dining Experiences. Our guide is meticulously crafted to showcase the best of the best in the city's culinary landscape. Each establishment in our guide is handpicked by our discerning editors and reviewed by a Velloy expert who has personally dined there.

Whether you're looking for a luxurious Michelin-starred experience or a hidden gem that offers a unique twist on traditional pub fare, our guide has you covered. We have included a range of price points to ensure that everyone can find a dining experience that suits their preferences and budget.

London's dining scene is constantly evolving, with new openings and significant changes in existing venues. That's why our guide is frequently updated to reflect the dynamic nature of the culinary landscape.

So, whether you're a local looking to explore new culinary horizons or a visitor seeking an unforgettable dining experience in London, let Velloy be your trusted guide.

How we choose: Velloy's Curated Selection of London's Finest Dining Experiences

Each establishment in our guide is handpicked by our discerning editors and reviewed by a Velloy expert who has personally dined there.

Our selection encompasses both luxurious and accessible restaurants, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience of the locale. We prioritize exceptional cuisine, prime locations, and hospitable service, with a strong emphasis on sustainable practices.

This guide is frequently updated to reflect the dynamic and evolving culinary scene, including new openings and significant changes in existing venues.

The Best of the Best: Top Restaurants in London

St. JOHN – London - a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant
St John Restaurant, Marylebone

St John Marylebone

  • Neighbourhood: Marylebone
  • Price range: £££
  • Must order: Bone marrow and parsley salad
  • Insider's tip: Explore their bakery for freshly baked bread and pastries.

St John Marylebone is a renowned restaurant situated in the charming neighbourhood of Marylebone. With a focus on nose-to-tail dining, this establishment offers a unique culinary experience. Indulge in their signature bone marrow and parsley salad and don't forget to visit their bakery for freshly baked bread and pastries.

Address: 98 Marylebone Ln, London W1U 2JE

Quo Vadis, Soho

Quo Vadis

  • Neighbourhood: Soho
  • Price range: £££
  • Must order: Roast chicken
  • Insider's tip: Check out their secret cocktail bar, The Barrafina.

Quo Vadis is a renowned restaurant situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of Soho. With a sophisticated ambience and a menu featuring modern British cuisine, this establishment is a go-to for special occasions. Don't miss their succulent roast chicken and make sure to visit their hidden gem, The Barrafina, for expertly crafted cocktails.

Address: 26-29 Dean St, London W1D 3LL

Akoko Restaurant, Fitzoriva


  • Neighbourhood: Fitzrovia
  • Price range: ££££
  • Must order: Jollof rice
  • Insider's tip: Try their unique African-inspired cocktails.

Akoko is a culinary gem located in Fitzrovia. Specializing in West African cuisine with a modern twist, this restaurant offers a truly unique dining experience. Indulge in their flavorful jollof rice and be sure to sample their innovative African-inspired cocktails.

Address: 21 Berners St, London W1T 3LP

Restaurant review: Brat, London – Business Traveller
BRAT, Shoreditch


  • Neighbourhood: Shoreditch
  • Price range: ££££
  • Must order: Whole turbot
  • Insider's tip: Don't miss their wood-fired bread with whipped cod's roe.

BRAT is a renowned restaurant located in the trendy neighbourhood of Shoreditch. With a focus on open-fire cooking, this establishment offers a unique and flavorful dining experience. Be sure to try their succulent whole turbot and don't forget to indulge in their wood-fired bread with whipped cod's roe.

Address: 4 Redchurch St, London E1 6JL

Kudu and the Best of Peckham on A Little Bird - An Insiders Guide to London
Kudu restaurant, Peckham


  • Neighbourhood: Peckham
  • Price range: £££
  • Must order: Braised lamb shoulder
  • Insider's tip: Try their homemade biltong for a tasty snack.

Kudu is a popular restaurant located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Peckham. Known for its South African-inspired cuisine, this eatery offers a fusion of flavours and unique dishes. Be sure to try their succulent braised lamb shoulder and don't forget to sample their homemade biltong for a delicious and flavorful snack.

Address: 119 Queen's Rd, London SE15 2EZ

Rochelle Canteen | Restaurants in Shoreditch, London
Rochelle Canteen restaurant

Rochelle Canteen

  • Neighbourhood: Shoreditch
  • Price range: £££
  • Must order: Roast chicken with bread sauce
  • Insider's tip: Visit their hidden courtyard for a peaceful dining experience.

Rochelle Canteen is a hidden gem located in the trendy neighbourhood of Shoreditch. Situated in a converted bike shed, this restaurant offers a unique and charming dining experience. Indulge in their incredible grill and outdoor courtyard for a meal to remember.

Address: 16 Playground Gardens, London E2 7FA

Must-Visit Michelin Star Restaurants in London

Step into the world of unparalleled culinary excellence with London's Michelin-starred restaurants. Each venue, such as Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester and Sketch in Mayfair, offers more than just a meal – they offer a journey through high-end gastronomy, where every dish is a masterpiece.

Private Dining Venues in London - Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester
Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

  • Neighbourhood: Mayfair
  • Price range: ££££
  • Must order: Sauté gourmand of lobster
  • Insider's tip: Opt for the seasonal truffle menu for a luxurious twist.

Nestled in the iconic Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester is a beacon of culinary excellence. This three-Michelin-starred restaurant, under the guidance of legendary chef Alain Ducasse, offers a sublime French dining experience. The luxurious ambience complements the meticulously crafted dishes, with the sauté gourmand of lobster being a highlight. For truffle enthusiasts, the seasonal truffle menu is an indulgent journey not to be missed.

Address: Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, 53 Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K
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Sketch has redesigned its iconic pink dining room | CN Traveller
Sketch Restaurant, Mayfair

Sketch (The Lecture Room and Library)

  • Neighbourhood: Mayfair
  • Price range: ££££
  • Must order: Modern European Tasting Menu
  • Insider's tip: Don't miss the chance to visit the famously artistic bathrooms.

Sketch, located in the heart of Mayfair, is more than just a dining venue; it's an artistic gastronomic adventure. Awarded three Michelin stars, The Lecture Room & Library at Sketch is known for its whimsical decor and innovative European cuisine.

Sketch: The Lecture Room and Library

The Modern European Tasting Menu is a journey through contemporary culinary artistry. A visit to Sketch is incomplete without experiencing its unique, artistically designed bathrooms, which have become a talking point among visitors.

Address: Sketch, 9 Conduit Street, Mayfair, London W1S

Gordon Ramsay, Chelsea

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

  • Neighbourhood: Chelsea
  • Price range: ££££
  • Must order: Beef Wellington
  • Insider's tip: Ask for the chef's table experience for a behind-the-scenes glimpse.

Tucked away in the sophisticated streets of Chelsea, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay offers an unparalleled fine dining experience. This three-Michelin-starred establishment, led by the world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, is a testament to the pinnacle of culinary craftsmanship. The restaurant's intimate setting provides the perfect backdrop for its exquisite French-inspired cuisine, with the Beef Wellington being a standout masterpiece. For those seeking an extra special touch, the chef's table experience offers an exclusive insight into the magic behind the scenes.

Address: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, 68 Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London SW3

London's Best Kept Secrets: Unique Dining Experiences

Uncover London's hidden dining treasures that promise a unique and memorable experience. From the innovative West African cuisine at Ikoyi to the urban sanctuary of Sessions Arts Club, these restaurants offer a distinct flavour and charm, setting them apart from the usual dining spots.

Ikoyi restaurant review: London's most innovative restaurant | CN Traveller
Ikoyi restaurant, St James's


  • Neighbourhood: St James's
  • Price range: ££££
  • Must order: Jollof rice arancini
  • Insider's tip: Explore their unique cocktail menu inspired by West African flavours flavours.

Ikoyi is an innovative restaurant situated in the upscale neighborhood of St James's. With a focus on West African cuisine with a contemporary twist, this establishment offers a truly unique dining experience. Indulge in their flavorful jollof rice arancini and don't miss their creative cocktail menu inspired by West African flavours.

Address: 180 Strand, Temple, London WC2R 1EA

La Bodega Negra | A Subterranean Mexican Restaurant In Soho
La Bodega Negra

La Bodega Negra

  • Neighbourhood: Soho
  • Price range: £££
  • Must order: Smoked Chicken Quesadillas
  • Insider's tip: Look for the unassuming 'Sex Shop' sign – it's the secret entrance to this underground haven.

La Bodega Negra, a clandestine restaurant in the heart of Soho, offers a thrilling dining experience behind its deceptive façade. Known for its Mexican cuisine with a twist, this eatery provides an ambience filled with intrigue and excitement. The smoked chicken quesadillas are a crowd favourite, perfectly capturing the essence of modern Mexican cooking. The unique entrance, disguised as a sex shop, adds to the allure, making every visit an adventure.

Address: 16 Moor St, Soho, London W1D 5NH

Sarastro: The Madcap Theatreland Restaurant That's Chock Full Of Old Props
Sarastro, Covent Garden


  • Neighbourhood: Covent Garden
  • Price range: £££
  • Must order: Lamb Shank
  • Insider's tip: Reserve a table on the upper tier for the best view of their live music performances.

Sarastro, nestled in Covent Garden, is a theatrical dining experience that combines fine cuisine with live entertainment. This restaurant, adorned with opulent décor and a vibrant atmosphere, offers a menu that complements its dramatic setting. The lamb shank is a standout dish, rich in flavor and perfectly cooked. The live music performances, best viewed from the upper tier seating, provide a backdrop of enchanting melodies, making Sarastro a must-visit for those seeking a dining experience with a theatrical flair.

Address: 126 Drury Ln, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5SU

Caboose, Brick Lane


  • Neighbourhood: Brick Lane
  • Price range: ££
  • Must order: Slow-cooked BBQ Brisket
  • Insider's tip: Book the private cabin for an exclusive and cozy dining experience.

Caboose, a hidden gem on Brick Lane, offers an intimate and unique dining experience in a custom-built railway cabin. Specializing in slow-cooked BBQ dishes, this cosy eatery is perfect for those seeking a laid-back yet distinctive dining atmosphere. The slow-cooked BBQ brisket is a must-try, known for its tender texture and rich flavours. For an even more exclusive experience, book the private cabin, where you can enjoy a personalized meal in a quaint and charming setting.

Address: 4 Buxton St, London E1 5ER

Best Romantic Restaurants for an Unforgettable Date Night in London

Create unforgettable moments with a romantic dining experience in London's most enchanting restaurants. Whether it's the fairy-lit conservatory at Clos Maggiore or the stunning architecture of Galvin La Chapelle, each venue sets the perfect mood for a special night out.

With Florence Knight At The Helm (And A Terrace Infinity Pool), This Is The  Hottest London Restaurant Opening Of The Summer | British Vogue

Sessions Arts Club

  • Neighbourhood: Clerkenwell
  • Price range: ££
  • Must order: Cured sea bream
  • Insider's tip: Head up to the intimate roof terrace for a post-dinner drink

Sessions Arts Club is an urban sanctuary located in the old judges' dining room at Sessions House, a grand Grade II* listed building in Clerkenwell, London. It is described as a historic and beautiful restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. The dining room is surrounded by three terraces with fireplaces, a rooftop bar, and a garden. The club follows a studio ethos and serves as a restaurant, bar, art, and performance space. It curates a collective program that changes with the seasons. Sessions Arts Club is known for its decadent and cozy atmosphere, with high ceilings, large arch windows, and alcoves. It has been praised as one of the most beautiful restaurants in London.

Address: 4th Floor, Farringdon, 24 Clerkenwell Grn, London EC1R 0NA

Clos Maggiore, Covent Garden

Clos Maggiore

  • Neighbourhood: Covent Garden
  • Price range: ££££
  • Must order: Roasted duck breast
  • Insider's tip: Request a table in the enchanting conservatory for a romantic atmosphere.

Clos Maggiore is a charming restaurant nestled in the heart of Covent Garden. With its enchanting conservatory, adorned with fairy lights and a cozy fireplace, it offers an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Don't miss their delicious roasted duck breast, a must-try dish.

Address: 33 King St, London WC2E 8JD

Galvin La Chapelle - Michelin Starred Dining Spitalfields
Galvin La Chapelle

Galvin La Chapelle

  • Neighbourhood: Spitalfields
  • Price range: ££££
  • Must order: Roasted Herdwick lamb
  • Insider's tip: Admire the stunning architecture of the converted Victorian chapel while dining.

Galvin La Chapelle is a fine dining restaurant located in the historic neighbourhood of Spitalfields. Housed in a converted Victorian chapel, it showcases stunning architecture and a grand ambience. Delight in their roasted Herdwick lamb and experience French cuisine with a modern twist.

Address: 35 Spital Square, London E1 6DY

Sushisamba restaurant


  • Neighbourhood: City of London
  • Price range: ££££
  • Must order: Wagyu gyoza
  • Insider's tip: Enjoy panoramic views of the city from their stunning rooftop terrace.

Sushisamba is a vibrant restaurant located in the City of London. Situated in the iconic Heron Tower, it offers panoramic views of the city from its stunning rooftop terrace. Experience a fusion of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine, and make sure to try their mouthwatering Wagyu gyoza.

Address: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

Bob Bob Ricard | Soho Restaurant With Champagne Call Buttons
Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

Bob Bob Ricard

Neighbourhood: Soho

Price range: ££££

Must order: Beef Wellington

Insider's tip: Press the "Press for Champagne" button at your table for a special treat.

Bob Bob Ricard is a luxurious restaurant located in the vibrant neighborhood of Soho. Known for its glamorous setting, it offers a menu inspired by Russian and British cuisine. Don't miss their exquisite Beef Wellington and make sure to press the "Press for Champagne" button at your table for a special treat.

Address: 1 Upper James St, Soho, London W1F 9DF

Aqua Shard (restaurant) | Restaurants in London Bridge, London
Aqua Shard, London Bridge

Aqua Shard

  • Neighbourhood: London Bridge
  • Price range: ££££
  • Must order: Roasted sea bass
  • Insider's tip: Enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline from the tallest building in London.

Aqua Shard is an elegant restaurant situated on the 31st floor of The Shard, the tallest building in London. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, it offers breathtaking views of the city skyline. Indulge in their roasted sea bass and savour the sophisticated atmosphere of Aqua Shard.

Address: Level 31, The Shard, 31 St Thomas St, London SE1 9RY

Best Gastropubs in London

Experience the fusion of traditional pub culture and gourmet cuisine at London's finest gastropubs. From the sophisticated charm of The Fox and Pheasant in Chelsea to the globally inspired dishes at Camberwell Arms, these gastropubs redefine casual dining with their exceptional food and cosy atmospheres.

The Fox & Pheasant - Chelsea - James Blunt Pub
The Fox and Pheasant, Chelsea

The Fox and Pheasant

  • Neighbourhood: Chelsea
  • Price Range: £££
  • Insider's Tip: Request a seat in the garden area for a quaint and picturesque dining experience.

Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, The Fox and Pheasant redefines the gastropub experience with its unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary flair. Owned by renowned singer-songwriter James Blunt, this establishment offers a sophisticated yet cosy ambience. While the menu is a well-guarded secret, guests can expect an array of exquisite dishes that perfectly complement the pub's elegant setting.

Address: The Fox and Pheasant, 1 Billing Road, Chelsea, London SW10

The Parakeet, Kentish Town review: 'a highly skilful reinvention' -  Kentishtowner
The Parakeet, Kentish Town

The Parakeet

  • Neighbourhood: Kentish Town
  • Price Range: £££
  • Must-Order Dish: Oysters with Fermented Kohlrabi
  • Insider's Tip: Pair your meal with one of their signature cocktails for an enhanced gastronomic experience.

The Parakeet stands out as a beacon of modern gastronomy in Kentish Town. With its chic interiors and sophisticated cocktail offering, this recently opened gastropub is quickly becoming a local favourite. The menu, featuring modern British and European-inspired sharing plates, is highlighted by fresh oysters with fermented kohlrabi, making it a must-visit for culinary enthusiasts.

Address: The Parakeet, 23 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, London NW5

Upstairs at the French House | Restaurants in Soho, London
Upstairs at the French House

Upstairs at the French House

  • Neighbourhood: Soho
  • Price Range: £££
  • Must-Order Dish: Lamb Chop
  • Insider's Tip: Book in advance to secure a spot in this intimate and exclusive dining room.

Upstairs at the French House is a hidden gem in the bustling streets of Soho. This intimate dining room offers a menu of seasonal, gutsy, and stripped-back dishes with Anglo-French influences. The lamb chop with chard and turnip is a standout, embodying the establishment's commitment to simple yet exquisite culinary creations.

Address: Upstairs at the French House, 49 Dean Street, Soho, London W1D

The Audley Public House - Mayfair
The Audley Public House - Mayfair

The Audley Public House

  • Neighbourhood: Mayfair
  • Price Range: £££
  • Must-Order Dish: Fish Finger Sandwich
  • Insider's Tip: Don't miss their Sunday roasts, a lavish affair that's become a Mayfair tradition.

The Audley Public House in Mayfair is an ornate Victorian establishment that seamlessly blends historical charm with modern elegance. Known for its classic London dishes, the menu features delights like the fabulous fish finger sandwich. The pub's Sunday roast, particularly the beef offering, is a lavish affair that draws both locals and visitors alike.

Address: The Audley Public House, 41-43 Mount Street, Mayfair, London W1K

Long Live The Desi Pub: How The Tamil Prince Brings South Indian Cuisine To  Islington — Resy | Right This Way
The Tamil Prince

The Tamil Prince

  • Neighbourhood: Islington
  • Price Range: ££
  • Must-Order Dish: Channa Bhatura Chickpea Curry
  • Insider's Tip: Try their signature cocktail menu, which features drinks inspired by South Indian flavours.

The Tamil Prince in Islington is a culinary revelation, offering a vibrant twist on the traditional pub experience. Head chef Prince Durairaj, an alumnus of Roti King, serves up an array of bombastic and flavoursome South Indian cuisine. The channa bhatura chickpea curry is a highlight, showcasing the rich and diverse flavours of South India.

Address: The Tamil Prince, 115 Hemingford Road, Islington, London N1

The Marksman | Award-Winning Hackney Local


  • Neighbourhood: Hackney
  • Price Range: £££
  • Must-Order Dish: Curried Lamb Buns
  • Insider's Tip: Explore their selection of local and artisanal beers to complement your meal.

Marksman in Hackney is a beloved destination for those seeking a fusion of traditional pub vibes and high-calibre gastronomy. The curried lamb buns are a testament to the pub's innovative approach to British cuisine, offering a unique and delightful culinary experience. The bar area's selection of tip-top bottled brews adds to the charm of this Hackney hotspot.

Address: Marksman, 254 Hackney Road, Hackney, London E2

Camberwell Arms - Best Gastropub London
Camberwell Arms

Camberwell Arms

  • Neighbourhood: Camberwell
  • Price Range: £££
  • Must-Order Dish: Roast Skate with Tartare Sauce
  • Insider's Tip: Sample their in-house smoked charcuterie, a rare find in London's gastropub scene.

The Camberwell Arms stands out in the London gastropub scene for its exceptional quality food and globally inspired dishes. The roast skate with tartare sauce is a must-try, showcasing the pub's commitment to culinary excellence. Their in-house smoked charcuterie, prepared on the roof, is a unique offering that gastronomes should not miss.

Address: Camberwell Arms, 65 Camberwell Church Street, Camberwell, London SE5

Conclusion: A Culinary Adventure Through London's Finest

This guide to London's top dining destinations reveals the city's rich culinary diversity and its commitment to gastronomic excellence.

Here are our top 3 picks:

  1. Upstairs at the French House, Soho
  2. Clos Maggiore, Covent Garden
  3. Quo Vadis, Soho

Whether you're a local foodie or a traveller seeking culinary delights, London's restaurant scene offers a spectrum of flavours and experiences that cater to every taste and occasion.

Embark on this culinary adventure and discover the tastes and tales that make London a true food lover's paradise.

Hugo Cannon profile image Hugo Cannon
Hugo Cannon BSc is the founder & CEO of Velloy on a mission to build the #1 private travel club worldwide. He writes across travel, dining, product reviews & general lifestyle categories.