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Paris Hotel Prices Surge 92.4% for the Olympics: A Comprehensive Analysis

Discover the extreme surge in Paris hotel prices for the 2024 Olympics! Our latest analysis based on 265 hotels shows how rates are skyrocketing. Using vivid charts, we illustrate the significant cost increases – and how it could impact travellers worldwide.

Paris Hotel Prices Surge 92.4% for the Olympics: A Comprehensive Analysis

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As Paris plays host to the 2024 Olympic Games, an unprecedented surge in hotel prices is reshaping the city's accommodation landscape.

An analysis of nightly rates across 265 hotels and various star categories during the first week of August 2024 reveals a significant price increase across all hotel classes, with accommodations across the board marking up their usual rates.

The Average Hotel Price Increase

  • Takeaway: The average price increase for hotels in Paris during the 2024 Olympics, across all categories, is approximately 92.4%.

This significant rise reflects the substantial impact of such a major international event on local accommodation costs.

Price Comparison Table

Star Rating Usual Average Price (£) Olympic Price (£) Percentage Increase (%) Number of Hotels
2-Star £109.5 £219 100.0% 38+
3-Star £131.5 £220 67.3% 134+
4-Star £204.5 £416 103.4% 90+
5-Star £428.5 £852 98.8% 14+

Detailed Price Surge: Analysis by Hotel Category

  • 2-Star Hotels: The price for a 2-star hotel room has escalated to an average of £219 per night, a stark increase from the usual rate range of £69 to £150. This adjustment represents a 100.0% increase, impacting the budget accommodation sector significantly.
  • 3-Star Hotels: Mid-range hotels have also seen a substantial hike, with the average nightly rate climbing to £220, up from a typical range of £80 to £183. This equates to a 67.3% increase, affecting over 133 hotels in this category.
  • 4-Star Hotels: For those seeking more luxurious accommodations, 4-star hotels now demand an average of £416 per night, up from the usual £133 to £276. The increase here is 103.4%, indicating a doubling of prices that affects 81 establishments.
  • 5-Star Hotels: The most luxurious tier, 5-star hotels, show the highest jump in prices, with rates reaching an average of £852 per night, compared to a usual range of £285 to £572. This near doubling of prices by 98.8% reflects the high demand for premium services and locations.

Calculation Method:

  1. Average of Usual Prices:
    1. For each category, the average is calculated by finding the midpoint of the usual price range.
  2. Percentage Increase:
    1. The percentage increase is calculated by comparing the Olympic price to the average usual price.

These figures illustrate the dramatic price increases across all hotel categories during the Olympics, affecting travellers in varying degrees based on the level of luxury they choose.

Methodology & Implications

Star RatingUsual Average Price (£)Olympic Price (£)Percentage Increase (%)

In this study, we investigated the impact of the 2024 Paris Olympics on hotel pricing across different classifications, analyzing data from 265 hotels ranging from 2-star to 5-star accommodations.

The research methodology involved collecting and examining price data from Google Travel, which aggregates average nightly rates from all major online booking platforms.

This approach provided a comprehensive view of the market dynamics, capturing a broad spectrum of hotel offerings in Paris. By categorizing the hotels into four classes—2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star—we were able to assess and compare the price fluctuations within each category.

This analysis offers insights into how different segments of the hotel industry adjust their pricing in response to significant increases in demand during major events like the Olympics.

The significant price adjustments highlight the economic impact of major events like the Olympics on local industries, particularly tourism and hospitality. While this surge benefits hotel operators, it raises questions about affordability and accessibility for visitors, potentially shaping future policies and planning for similar events.


The 2024 Paris Olympics are evidently causing a significant surge in hotel prices across all categories, illustrating the profound impact that such a major international event can have on local economies, especially in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

While this presents a lucrative opportunity for hoteliers to capitalize on increased demand, it also challenges the affordability and accessibility of accommodations for visitors.

This situation highlights the need for careful planning and possible regulatory measures to balance economic benefits with consumer fairness and satisfaction.

Moving forward, cities hosting similar large-scale events should consider strategies to manage the impact on local accommodation pricing to ensure a positive experience for both visitors and residents.


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  2. Official Paris 2024 Olympic Games Website - Information on the dates and events of the 2024 Paris Olympics. Available from: Paris 2024.
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Hugo Cannon profile image Hugo Cannon
Hugo Cannon BSc is the founder & CEO of Velloy on a mission to build the #1 private travel club worldwide. He writes across travel, dining, product reviews & general lifestyle categories.