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Mustique Guide: The World's Most Exclusive Island [2024]

Embark on an exclusive journey to Mustique, where luxury meets discretion in the heart of the Caribbean. Discover hidden villas and indulge in activities in this little paradise. Your passport to a dreamy escape awaits on this magical island.

Mustique Guide: The World's Most Exclusive Island [2024]

Table of Contents

One of the world's most famous islands Mustique has been making headlines for being the place where celebrities, royals and billionaires go to hide from the world and enjoy some sunshine. Although secluded and exclusive it is possible for you to visit and we will show you how in this deep-dive guide.

How to get there

Mustique may be secluded, but it's not hard to reach. The island has its own airport, Mustique Airport (MQS), with regular flights from major Caribbean hubs. Alternatively, you can take a private charter flight or hop on a scheduled inter-island flight from St. Lucia or Barbados.

Pro Tip: You can arrange for a private yacht charter for an extra touch of luxury, cruising the Caribbean sea before stepping onto land in Mustique.

Where to Stay in Mustique

Choosing the place to stay is hard because all the options are good. There a beautiful seafront villas with all the amenities you might need. Here are some of our suggestions:

Cotton House

Cotton House Hotel

The only hotel on the island is set amongst 13 acres of tropical gardens leading down to Endeavour Bay, The Cotton House is a 17-bedroom set of suites set around the central Great Room, containing the Bar and Veranda Restaurant. The estate, is surrounded by luxurious, garden and sea-facing villas, suites and cottages with private verandas and plunge pools.

Originally an old cotton warehouse, the hotel was the first building project to be undertaken on the island. It was designed in 1968 by Oliver Messel, a leading British theatre stage designer, who had developed a reputation for the flamboyant and original houses he had designed on neighbouring Barbados.

Villa Moana

Villa Moana

Built by renowned Mustique architect Arne Hasselqvist, Moana is a beautiful and authentic example of Oliver Messel’s original vision of villas blending seamlessly into their lush surroundings. The breezy open plan living space leads onto expansive terraces and overlooks a fabulous split level swimming pool.  If you are looking for serenity, calm and the gentle sound of the ocean coupled with some of the most captivating views on island then this lovely villa is the perfect option.

Highlights: private chef, direct beach access, 2 swimming pools and sunset view

Wyler House

Wyler House

The fabulous, inky dark swimming pool, running the length of the villa and the glorious internal dining patio are the two design highlights of this unique villa. These combine with three vast bedroom suites in the main house and a separate bedroom suite and children's playroom below pool level to ensure that the space is flexible, practical and fun as well as pleasing to the eye. An underwater window into the swimming pool will keep young guests occupied for hours and there is a fully equipped and air conditioned office for those who need to keep in touch with the real world. The dual aspect roof terraces flanking the spacious main bedroom suite are magnificent.

Highlights: butler, chef, children’s play room, home office, media room and gym.

Villa America

Villa America

Natural materials and bright colours feature in the otherwise sleek lined and fairly minimalist interiors. The villa's location, high in the Endeavour Hills, means it has fabulous views over the palm trees below and towards the Caribbean Sea. The accommodation is spread over three standalone buildings allowing for a wonderful degree of privacy for guests. This layout means that the villa lends itself particularly well to families with teenage children or a group of adults and this is enhanced by the proximity to the tennis Club and Equestrian Centre.

Highlights: sonos speaker system, sunset views, guest cottages, butler and chef.

Netherclay House

Netherclay House

The stunning courtyard garden is the wonderful centrepiece welcoming guests upon their arrival at Netherclay House. Bedrooms on both sides open onto this beautiful internal area but it is not until you have walked through the vast and elegant Great Room and down onto the upper terrace that you truly appreciate the magnificent views. The pool terrace is the perfect place to while away the hours.

There are four beautifully spacious bedroom suites in the Main house and a further two in the Guest Cottage as well as an impressive home office. But it is the breezily expansive dining terrace, dining room and glorious Great Room at Netherclay that live long in the memory.

Highlights: outdoor dining terrace, guest cottage, 6 personal staff team.

Villa Serenissima

Villa Serenissima

The striking interiors have Balinese influences and there are five equally large bedroom suites each with its own private terrace. The airy open plan living area opens onto a generous sundeck leading to the magnificent free form infinity pool with wonderful views over the treetops and towards the shoreline. A separate games room and media room will occupy those wanting to stay close to base while some of the best hiking trails on the island pass within minutes of the villa. Serenissima offers a large group space and time to soak up the glorious views and coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.

Highlights: infinity pool, games room, cinema room, chef, housekeepers.

Where to Eat on Mustique

If you are staying in a Villa odds are you will have a personal chef preparing you meals for you. Still, there are 2 places that are mandatory for you to try while visiting the island.

The Veranda Restaurant at The Cotton House

The Veranda Restaurant at The Cotton House

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of the West Indies, The Veranda's evening menu embarks on a culinary adventure through classic and contemporary dishes, artfully created using house seasonings and intricately spiced marinades. Guests are presented with options that range from smaller sharing plates to generously portioned main dishes, all accompanied by a selection of flavor-packed sides and a fantastic wine list. The dishes are meticulously cooked using time-honored methods, including smoking and grilling over an open flame. The result is a unique combination of flavors that not only pays homage to the rich culinary heritage of the West Indies but also elevates the dining experience at The Veranda where traditional techniques meet modern palates with sophistication.

Basil’s Bar

Basil’s Bar

Basil's Bar stands as a legendary spot on the island, serving as the cultural heartbeat of Mustique for almost five decades. This iconic spot has been the gathering place for generations of homeowners, guests, fishermen, and even pirates, providing a laid-back bar to unwind and let loose. Positioned along the picturesque Britannia Bay, Basil's offers a relaxed beach bar dining experience, inviting those who visit to enjoy a simple yet delicious lunch with a view of the sea, savor a refreshing beer at the bar during the sunset, or sip on a cocktail between dances at the lively Jump Up. With open arms, Basil's warmly welcomes you to partake in its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, ensuring each visit is a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Highlights: Tacos and Tequila Thursdays, Sunset Sessions, Mustique Blues Festival.

Mustique Tennis Club

What to Do on Mustique

There are plenty of activities that you can do while visiting. Snorkeling in the crystalline waters, horseback riding on the beaches, and hiking to the summit of Mount Royal are just a few options.

If you want to stay active you can play tennis at the Mustique Tennis Club. If you're seeking serenity, book a spa day at The Cotton House Spa or take a long stroll through the Botanical Gardens.

You can also arrange a private boat tour to explore nearby islands, discovering hidden coves and the best snorkeling spots. For the backgammon lovers there is a weekly Backgammon night at the Cotton House.

Fun Facts about Mustique

  • Mustique was originally purchased in 1958 by Colin Tennant, the 3rd Baron Glenconner, as a private retreat for the British royal family.
  • The island is home to the Mustique Blues Festival, attracting renowned musicians from around the world.
  • There are no traffic lights, casinos, or large hotels on Mustique, preserving its natural beauty and exclusive atmosphere.


Q: Can I visit Mustique even if I'm not a celebrity or a millionaire?
A: Absolutely! While Mustique is synonymous with luxury, anyone seeking an intimate, idyllic getaway can experience its charms.

Q: Are there budget-friendly options on the island?
A: While Mustique is known for its exclusivity, there are accommodations to suit various budgets. Planning in advance and exploring different options can lead to affordable yet unforgettable experiences.

Q: Is there a dress code on the island?
A: Mustique is laid-back, and the dress code is generally casual. However, some upscale restaurants may have a smart-casual dress requirement.


Mustique has been and probably always will be one of the most exclusive destinations on the planet but if it is in your bucket list there is no reason why you shouldn’t plan out a trip there. All the luxury comes with a cost but visiting this island is an absolutely insane experience that you will remember forever.

Hugo Cannon profile image Hugo Cannon
Hugo Cannon BSc is the founder & CEO of Velloy on a mission to build the #1 private travel club worldwide. He writes across travel, dining, product reviews & general lifestyle categories.