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Behind the Scenes of 'Stranger Things: The First Shadow'

Step into the past with 'Stranger Things: The First Shadow.' This guide unravels the secrets of the captivating theatrical prequel, offering insights into its characters and innovative storytelling. Join us as we explore the enchanting world of Hawkins and discover why this production is a must-see.

Behind the Scenes of 'Stranger Things: The First Shadow'

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Have you ever wondered what it was like in Hawkins before the world turned upside down? "Stranger Things: The First Shadow", the latest theatrical sensation, offers an immersive trip into the past of the iconic town. Let’s embark on this journey together!

About Stranger Things: The First Shadow

Address: Phoenix Theatre, London

Dates: 17 Nov 2023 - 25 Aug 2024

Are you ready to be transported back in time, to the ordinary town of Hawkins, Indiana, before the world turned upside down?

If you're a fan of the Netflix phenomenon "Stranger Things" or simply love captivating theatrical experiences, then this show is an unmissable event that promises to leave you spellbound.

McCartney, left, as Creel with Patrick Vaill, right, as Dr Brenner. The set design is by Miriam Buether

A Captivating Prequel Like No Other

This mesmerising theatrical production takes you on a journey back to 1959, long before Eleven and the Demogorgon made their debut. It's a prequel that unveils the hidden mysteries of Hawkins, painting a vivid picture of the town and its ordinary troubles.

You'll meet familiar characters like young Jim Hopper, the ever-lovable Bob Newby, and determined Joyce Maldonado, each with their own stories to tell.

A Masterpiece by Award-Winning Creatives

"Stranger Things: The First Shadow" is more than just a play; it's a collaborative masterpiece brought to life by a multi-award-winning creative team.

Their innovative approach to theater and stagecraft will immerse you in a world like never before. Expect breathtaking set designs, mesmerizing visual effects, and a gripping narrative that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

The play gives an origin story for the mysterious Henry Creel, played by Louis McCartney. The play is directed by Stephen Daldry with co-director Justin Martin

Uncover the Origins of Hawkins

This production isn't just a rehash of the TV series; it's a deep dive into the origins of the "Stranger Things" story.

With an original story by the Duffer Brothers and the creative genius of Kate Trefry and Jack Thorne, you'll experience a narrative that's as intriguing as it is captivating.

Directed by Stephen Daldry

Under the direction of the legendary Stephen Daldry, known for his outstanding work in theater and film, "Stranger Things: The First Shadow" promises to be a breathtaking journey.

Daldry's vision brings the essence of Hawkins to life, making you feel like a resident of the town, immersed in its secrets and mysteries.

How To Secure Tickets:

Stranger Things: The First Shadow Tickets

Ready to embark on your journey to Hawkins, Indiana, and experience the enchanting world of 'Stranger Things: The First Shadow'?

Here's how to secure your tickets and ensure you don't miss out on this extraordinary theatrical adventure:

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