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The Traitors: Theo Mayne Exclusive Interview

Here we dive into the world of The Trators with a season 1 favourite Theo Mayne.

The Traitors: Theo Mayne Exclusive Interview

Table of Contents

Theo Mayne: The Interview

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Theo Mayne, who reveals shocking insights into the hit BBC show "The Traitors." Join us as we uncover the truth behind the mysteries and get the inside scoop.

Here's what we cover:

0:25 - What was it like being on The Traitors?

0:58 - How to get on The Traitors and the application process

2:41 - The suspense before joining

4:03 - Being a Faithful vs. Traitor

5:05 - The Traitors Allstars

5:41 - Theo's favourite person on the show

6:46 - Are The Traitors still friends and do they keep in touch?

7:50 - Did you know who the Traitors were?

9:17 - How long do the round tables last?

10:15 - How intense was it on the show?

10:50 - Are the interviews done on the day or afterwards?

11:18 - Is The Traitors scripted?

12:08 - Where do they sleep?

12:25 - Claudia Winkleman: Where did sleep? What was she like?

13:10 - Are they friends with Claudia Winkleman?

13:38 - Did they know anyone knew each other before the show?

15:10 - What did they eat on the show

16:18 - Predictions for Season 2

17:44 - Friend or foe, what's a better strategy

19:20 - The unspoken parts of The Traitors

21:00 - Theo's key message at the dinner party

Hugo Cannon profile image Hugo Cannon
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